Thursday, 12 December 2013

Hooves of Fire Update

A minor update for Hooves of Fire was completed yesterday, just in time for Hooves of Fire's 4th Birthday (16th December).

The update had a few player suggested features:  players can now delete horseshoes and saddles from storage using the Blacksmith; Hardcore players received an extra 5 slots of freezer space and we asked players to name some new Hooves of Fire filler horses.  We took the liberty of naming one of the Hooves filler horses "Mister Honey" after we saw a video posted by a Hooves fan on YouTube, it was a bit of a crowd pleaser here at Hooves HQ.

There's still a couple of little bonuses for players in the next few weeks!

Go Mr. Honey!!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

To Hardcore or not to Hardcore...

That is the question we have been asking players regarding Hardcore and possible progression beyond Pedigree 30.

We have asked players if they would consider going "Hardcore" if they could then progress further in pedigree than non-Hardcore players.  The topic has generated much discussion from both sides of the fence. 

Some non-Hardcore players see it as being penalised for not making the jump to Hardcore, some suggest that it is fair compensation for those who were brave enough to make the leap into Hardcore and will provide new challenges for them.

It has also brought up a number of other topics for discussion - more incentives for players to go Hardcore and limited freezer space for Hardcore players making it difficult for tournament participation.

The survey is still running if you would like to have your say, or let us know what you think in the comments below.

Survey requires Facebook login and permissions to vote: